Breaking News Maker App

Create Breaking Video News in mobile easily and faster.

If you are a Registered News Channel, Breaking News maker will help you create news videos easily on predesigned themes, this app is mainly designed for Reporters, Anchors who are looking for a easy and user friendly mobile app that can help design news videos quickly.

Breaking News Maker App will help You design Breaking Video News like a Television news.

Important –  Profile Verification is mandatory, You have to upload Registered Documents of your channel.
There are very simple steps to – 

1. Select Your Initial Promo Video.
2. Select Main Videos Or Record from Camera.
3. Type Reporter Name,
4. Type City Name,
5. Select Channel Logo,
6. Select Reporter Photo,
7. Type Breaking Lines,
8. Allow Breaking Lines,
9. Select Theme,
10. Voice Over.
Click on Process

your video is ready, and you can share it now.

This app will help, those are looking for easy and fast Video News Making platform. You can merge multiple videos, Create a Video News very easily and faster as well.

Step to Create Video News